Puppy from us

Our dogs are members of our family. They share our home and are important to us.


Puppies will be raised inside our home. Our puppies can go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks or later. Upon leaving our home, puppies will have been examined by a vet, wormed and will have received vaccinations according to their age. Puppies will be identified with a microchip and will have pet veterinary passport (EU standard).  They will also be examined by a specialist from our club. Naturally, all our puppies will have FCI pedigree.


When we give a puppy away to new home, we want to be sure the new owners will know how to handle it, that they will have enough time for their new pet and enough knowledge to raise a puppy into a confident companion. We want to be sure that we give our puppy to a loving home, where it will be accepted as a family member.


We hope to stay in touch with new owners and to receive updates about puppies, their growth, their daily life and to share happy moments and troubles. 


What you will get from us:

  • Purebred RR puppy :)
  • Puppy contract
  • Take-over document of the puppy
  • Pedigree of the puppy (FCI system)
  • The puppy’s vaccination passport (EU standard)
  • Copies of the parent’s pedigrees
  • Copies of the medical tests of the parents
  • Copies of champion diplomas of the parents
  • Breed standard of Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Information about following vaccinations and worming of the puppy 
  • Information about the puppy's training and nutrition,
  • Puppy package: a toy, a dog-collar, food for first days in new home, a blanket or a towel with the smell of the mother and siblings.

We offer our support and help during all dog's life; we are willing to offer assistance and advice in any questions you might have. We plan to organise a get-together of our puppies and their owners at least once a year to give everyone the opportunity to see how puppies grow, to exchange experience in raising and training your pets and simply to have a good time together.

For puppy enquiries and in case of any questons, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you more information!