Rhodesian ridgeback puppies


Standard, Show and Pet class puppies


Rhodesian ridgeback puppies can be divided in two (or three) broad groups: standard, show class puppies and pet class puppies. 


Standard, show class puppies are those, which at the moment of evaluation of the litter correspond to the standard of a Rhodesian ridgeback and which does not have inherited defects or inherited health problems. These puppies in future can participate in different activities (obedience, agility, coursing, etc.), can participate in dog shows and, if breeding requirements are met, can be used in breeding. Standard puppies can be of a different degree of expected show success and therefore some can be seen as more promising than others for future show career. Show puppy as a pick from the litter would be the puppy in which the biggest show potential is seen. 


Pet puppies are those, which have some characteristics indicating, that in future using these dogs in breeding is not desirable. These characteristics could be:

  • Incorrect ridge - the number of crowns in the ridge is bigger or smaller than two, offset  - crowns are not paced opposite to each other, skewed ridge, too short ridge), or ridge less (no ridge at all). 
  • Incorrect color (too much of white color on chest, white on paws higher than the level of fingers, white color anywhere else on the body; too high amount of black hair except on the masque on muzzle and ears)
  • Kinked tail (incorrect formation of tail vertebrae that does not cause health problems or pain to the puppy. Kinked tail is formed during intra uterus period and puppies with this type of tail are already born)
  • Dermoid sinus (a narrow tube-like structure, which is derived from skin.  It penetrates from the skin surface to varying depths downward into the muscles and towards the spinal cord. In most cases the dermoid sinus can be successfully removed by surgery and after the procedure it will not have any further health consequences for the puppy)

Pet class puppies are purebred Rhodesian ridgebacks with all the traits and characteristics of a ridgeback. These puppies will have the pedigree as well as standart/show puppies will. The only activities where pet puppies cannot participate in comparison with the standat/show class puppies are dog shows and breeding. 


All puppies will have FCI pedigree irrespective of being Standard, Show or Pet class and irrespective of future participation in shows or sports activities.  


In every litter puppies are different, same as in humans, brothers and sisters all are different. Puppies are with different show potential and with different characters. Our aim is to match each family with a  puppy that suits them the best from a perspective of temperament and exterior.