Athena Ari Liberta


Obedience test - 1, 2 level (France)

Agility - 1, 2 level (France)

Rally obedience - 2nd place in beginners class, 2nd place in advanced class (Latvia)




Sire: INT CH A Ray of Light Nyathi

Dam: INT & Multi CH, JWW-06 Malozi Habiba


Height: 64cm

Weight: 34kg

Full dentition, scissorbite 

Ridge: non-standart, 4 crowns

Wheaten, Livernose


Rhodesian ridgeback Athena Ari Liberta


Athena was born on January 14, in a litter of 12 healthy puppies. When I visited Athenas breeder Kristine, Athena cached my attention immediately with her brown nose. At that time we did not think about the dog shows, thus the fact, that Athenas ridge is non-standard with two extra crowns had no importance to us. For us important was that the puppy is healthy and calm with a hope, that it will keep the peaceful and docile character also when grown up – as we already had at home small Merilina. We could not resist Athenas charm – she joined us in March 2008, at home called Asi.


Athena, as we expected, has very gentle character. Kristine, Athenas breeder, once said – Athena is the sweetest Ridgeback ever seen :) Despite her sweet character Athena is also a very good guard of our house.


Athena followed me when I was changing places of residence, she has lived not only in Latvia, but also in Luxembourg and Lithuania. Athena was trained with a help of positive training methods and clicker training which I found very effective. We did also some agility for fun. In Luxembourg and neighbouring France we continued some obedience and agility classes, and we also passed some tests – 1st and 2nd level for agility and 1st and 2nd level for obedience (classification of the club). We missed just a bit to get 3rd level obedience – Athena didn't want to stay on place lying while I had to hide, she thought she has to find me :)


Athena loves running, especially on sandy beaches or long grass. It's a pleasure to watch how she is moving in a run, so easily and naturally! While at home, Athena is very calm – if there are no other lionhound worthy things to do, she gladly doze on a sofa or observe other members of the household. Apporting is not for Athena – she will bring a toy back once, twice, but then she loses interest, like saying – if you need this toy, why you throw it away? :) Athena has very strong hunting instincts, every time when she senses a trace of wild animals she becomes tense and ready to run, to chase.


Thanks to Athena we have found our favourite breed – Rhodesian ridgebacks!


Rhodesian ridgeback Athena Ari Liberta


Athena's pedigree:


Athena Ari Liberta


A Ray of

Light Nyathi

ICH Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect

CH Caprivi Inside Edge

CH Ozrhode Ari Nala

ICH WW-03 Terrouges Thembi

CH Cartouche Baneka

Kleinbolayi M'khosigazi of Terrouges


Malozi Habiba

ICH Chipangali's Kadani

CH Tandiwe Merigal´s Mad Gamble

CH Agnes Visconte de Simon of Chipangali

CH Malozi Elimika

NORD CH Mankoya's Great Gambo

INT, FI, SE CH, WW'00,
ITW'00, FIW'01 Malozi Adimika


Athena's parents:


ICH A Ray of Light Nyathi

Date of birth: 29.11.2003

Sire: Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect

Dam: Terrouges Thembi

Colour:  red wheaten, black nose

Height: 69 cm

Full dentition, scissorbite 

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, heart tested, eyes clear 

Breeder: P.Krejčová

Owner: P.Krejčová


LV, LT, EE, SL, BY, FI CH, BALT CH, BALT, BY JCH, BIS Junior WDS 2006, JWW 2006 Malozi Habiba

Date of birth: 13.06.2005

Sire: Chipangali's Kadani (Austrija)

Dam: Malozi Elimika (Somija)

Colour: wheaten, black nose 

Height: 63 cm

Full dentition, scissorbite 

HD: B/A, ED: 0/0, eyes clear 

BH tested 2007

Breeder: T.Miettinen

Owner: K.Liberta