Diva Dorena Look Liberta's



Date of birth: 10.05.2018

Sire: Aminiafu's Kovo

Dam: Calendula Ari Liberta Sunlit Arnica  


Height: 64 cm

Weight: 30 kg

Ridge: standart

Red wheaten

Brown nose (b/b)


Health tests

ED: 0/0


OCD: free

Full dentition, correct scissors bite

Diva Dorena Look Liberta's or simply Diva is the youngest member of our family. Diva comes from kennel Look Liberta's in Latvia, the same kennel where our very first RR Athena (Athena Ari Liberta) comes from. 


Diva's pedigree has neraly some 75% Norwegian bloodlines - her dad, grand-dad and great grand dad are well known dogs from Norwegian breeding - Aminiafu's Kovo, Gentle Thanzi by Clay and Mashitela's Irresistible Chango. Diva's mother Calendula Ari Liberta Sunlit Arnica is related to my Athena - Divas's great grandmother is mother of Athena, one of most successful RR's in Latvia - Malozi Habiba, who comes from Finnish breeding. So yes, Diva took me by her interesting pedigree, amber nose and super temperament! 


Diva is very lively, vivid girl who is very much oriented to please her humans. She is a pleasure to be around and easy to train. She is extremely good with kids and gets along with our two just amazingly, I would even say she is more their dog than ours. 


Diva is sweet and it has been a long time I had a dream of having a bron nosed female. Now she is with us! And we are looking forward for her not only to be a great family dog to us but also will shine in show rings.