Enjoying  weekend with walks and runs in fields of Luxembourg 

08.11 Rhodesian ridgeback puppy news from the Netherlands! Today 8 beautiful puppies were born form Garet * Hisani. Mommy is doing well and daddy is very proud! 

01.08 Today is my happy day! We did the health test of our youngster Diva and she got the best we could wish for: HD-A/A, ED-0/0 and OCD-free! 

19.06 Today we got some puppy news! Yes - the litter from Garet and Yena was born at kennel Of Rhodesian Island. 2 boys (one black nose and one livernose) and 2 girls (both livernose). All 4 pups are big and strong! Mums and kids are doing well, papa is proud and sleeping on sofa :) 

05.05 My MR Handsome - Garet - became a Champion of Belgium today! He got BOB - CAC- CACIB in Flanders dogs show (Gent). And that's not all, he continued to finals and became BIG-II! Happy and proud! 

28.04 Junior and Veteran show in Lovanium, Belgium. Diva and Dea entered. It was Dea's first show in the veteran class and also the last one as she does not like to participate in shows. And she finished her show carrier with a style! Best Veteran! Hugs and kisses to Dea! 

18.03 A special visit of a special girl :-) lovely Yena, a girl with a great temperament, a truly amazing RR, came to us for a romantic visit. We hope the visit will result in a beautiful litter! Stay tuned, more info around mid-May! Check also the breeder's site for more news. 

On 27.03 11 beautiful babies from Garet and Omnia were born: 6 boys and 5 girls! One puppy has third crown and one baby girl has white 'socks'. No other faults so far. All puppies are strong and with very beautiful ridges. Unfortunately 12th puppy, correct boy, was stillbirth. More info and lovely pictures of them you can see on the breeder's site

29.01 Juhuu! We got Garet's diploma of International championship (C.I.B.)! So glad, happy and proud since we achieved this with limited showing and me being in the role of handler :) 

26.01 Someone beautiful and special visited us these days - Omnia (Mkondo wa Simba omnia vincit amor), Garet's bride. They spend some lovely moments together and Garet proved to be a real gentlemen. We hope their date was successful, ultrasound will be made on 22.02. Till then - keep your fingers crossed! 

We have some exciting plans for 2019! Check out our Puppy plans section :) 

Winter fun! Garet and Athena. 

Some special news! We visited Athena's breeder Kristine (kennel Look Liberta's in Latvia) and we came home with a super sweet puppy Diva (Ms Orange)! Diva is related to my very first RR and she has very Nordic pedigree - 75% bloodlines come from Norway and add some other high quality European RRs. We are sure she will be a perfect company to our pack due to her calm and cooperative temperament. We are eagerly looking forward to see how Diva will develop! 

31.07 Puppies are here!!! Puppies from Garet and Jumay were born on 31. 07, 4 big, strong and beautiful babies. One prince and three princesses, all 4 with beautiful ridges. Two girls are with brown noses <3 All puppies have their loving families waiting for them. More info on the website of the breeder

C.I.B., DE, LUX, LV, LT, EE, BALT CH Limon Evita Gyasi of Red Prayd for Amber 'Garet' and LV, EE CH Desiree Dea of Luanda 'Dea'

We are now in a small, beautiful country in the middle of Europe - Luxembourg!