What I offer...


I offer private 1:1 consultations on dog behaviour and training.


Some examples are provided below, but any consultation is tailor made to the needs of the dog - and the owners. 


A private consultation can be in a length from 45 minutes up to 1,5 hours - depending on the behaviour issue and age of the dog. During this time I will discuss with the owner in detail the history and the daily life of the dog, I will observe the dog and will explain to the owner what can be seen. We will discuss the behaviour and issues. At the end of the consultation, I will provide a suggested plan of actions that the owner could consider - either things to do, or things to stop doing, or aspects to change. As a follow up, additional session can take place upon need.  The sessions can be split gradually over time to observe the progress and focuse on aspects where the owner needs more help. The first session takes place face-to-face, the follow up session can take place remotely or in person, depending on the behaviour issues and questions. 


An individual training course consists of 5-6 individual meetings, each of those in a length of 45 minutes. A training plan is usually made for the particular dog and the training consists of daily basics of understanding how to live together harmoniously and how to address behaviour issues (if any). 

Living in harmony

Or a consultation on the daily life with your dog. The purpose is to explain your dog's body language, help you to notice the calming signals of your dog and to assess daily routines from the perspective of the dog's needs. We usually go for a "walk and talk" or meet up at my place. We can also arrange a "home visit".

Enjoying moments

Or a consultation on enriching the activities with your dog. I will guide you in finding some fun activities you could do together with your dog, considering your dog's age and abilities. The focus is not on dog sports training but rather on small games and activities you can do at home or during your walks. We talk also about being polite in a dog way .

Getting ready for a puppy

How to prepare to become a dog parent :-) There are many things to consider when planning adding a dog to the family:  from choice of the puppy and making home dog friendly to understanding dogs needs and communication. 

Day to day with puppy/adolescent

It is very important to set the good routines and understand dog body language straight from the first days with your dog, to understand how dogs are being polite and how to be polite ourselves towards dogs. In several meetings we will discuss good practices with young dogs. 

Problem solving

Reasoning of dogs is different than the one of ours, yet all problem behaviours have a reason "why". We will observe, discuss your daily life and routines, discuss the dogs history and will come up with an advice for understanding your dog and solving the unwanted behaviour.